The ACLU of Alabama partners with other organizations to work on important advocacy and education issues. Here are a few of our collaborative campaigns. 

Shut Down Etowah

The Shut Down Etowah campaign is made up of individuals and civil, immigrant, and human rights organizations based in Alabama and across the country that are committed to ending the human rights abuses at the Etowah County Detention Center. We believe Etowah is far too broken to be fixed—the only adequate solution is to close it.

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is a grassroots, statewide network of individuals and organizations that works to advance and defend the rights of immigrants in Alabama. Our coalition consists of seven non-profit organizations, 15 grassroots immigrant community organizations, and hundreds of individual members. ACIJ is committed to leading our state to a more equitable and just multi-ethnic, multi-lingual future by developing immigrant leadership, building transformative alliances, organizing for comprehensive immigration reform, encouraging civic engagement, and advocating just policies at the local, state, and national levels. 

Alabama Safe Schools Coalition

The ASSC is composed of organizations and individuals committed to the position that all public and private schools in Alabama should be safe learning environments for all students- free of harassment, discrimination, and prejudice.

Montgomery Pride United

Montgomery Pride United is an umbrella organization that unites the PRIDE forces of Montgomery and the surrounding areas in order to more effectively strive for equality for all under the law in Alabama. Services and programs offered through Montgomery PRIDE United include youth engagement, advocacy and activism, transgender and gender non-conforming empowerment, LGBTQ activities and events, LGBTQ People of Color empowerment, inclusion in churches and schools, sexual health awareness, senior services and much more.

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