On May 15, 2019, Governor Ivey signed bill HB314 into law. The bill is not set to go into effect until 6 months after it has been signed; however, on Friday, May 24, 2019, the ACLU of Alabama filed a lawsuit in conjunction with the national ACLU and Planned Parenthood asking a court to block the law from taking effect. 

This means abortion is still legal in Alabama and will stay legal for the foreseeable future.

This page will be updated regarding any changes to abortion access in Alabama. If it hasn't been updated, then this information is still the most up-to-date. 

kyr card with map

Help spread the word by downloading our handy KYR card and share them at your own events, meetings, office, etc.  

If you are in need of abortion care in Alabama, please contact an abortion provider near you. The following are the only three clinics in Alabama: 

  • Alabama Women's Center, Huntsville
  • Reproductive Health Services, Montgomery
  • West Alabama Women's Center, Tuscaloosa

The following places offer free or reduced cost Plan B:

  • Birmingham Free Store
  • POWER House

The following organizations provide assistance with funding, travel, and other support:

  • Yellowhammer Fund
  • POWER House
  • Linda D Foundation

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Page last updated: June 19, 2019