2024 Lege Action Hub

2024 - Lege Action Hub

 The 2024 legislative session began on February 6, 2024 and ended in early May 2024. Read our legislative summary here. The ACLU of Alabama works to expand and defend the rights of Alabamians with lawmakers in the Statehouse.

We want you to stand with us and Werk The Lege - "lege" meaning Legislature. Remember the State House is the People's House where you can walk in and demand lawmakers serve your community. 

At key moments during the legislative session, we will be calling on you to help us push for and fight back against any attacks that may arise. Sign up to receive our action alerts so you can be a part of the movement with us.

Priority Bills

Check out the bills we're prioritizing this session below. Learn more about why we chose these bills through our legislative agenda

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