Criminal Legal Reform

The ACLU of Alabama seeks an end to policies within the criminal justice system that cause widespread violation of constitutional and human rights and also lead to unprecedented levels of incarceration.

First Amendment Rights

Alabama lawmakers are eager to criminalize and silence those who disagree with them or make them uncomfortable. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects every Alabamian from this government overreach. 

Gender Justice

Elected officials should not legislate what choices an individual can make about their own health, happiness, and safety. Alabama lawmakers are scheming how to interfere in more peoples’ personal lives. The right to make one's own choices is a fundamental aspect of personal autonomy and dignity.

LGBTQ Rights

The ACLU of Alabama works to create a Alabama free of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


The ACLU of Alabama supports the demand for municipal government to divest from police funding and reallocate funds to quality-of-life expenditures (such as parks, libraries, and sanitation) that ensure authentic public safety.


The ACLU works to expand the right to privacy, increase the control individuals have over their personal information, and ensure civil liberties are enhanced rather than compromised by technological innovation.