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Edwards v. Cofield

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit challenging Randolph County, Alabama’s practice of using money bail to detain people arrested for misdemeanors and felonies. The practice perpetuates a two-tiered and unconstitutional wealth-based incarceration system.

May 18, 2017 Criminal Justice

Hunter, et al. v. Beshear

This class-action lawsuit is against Alabama Department of Mental Health Commissioner James V. Perdue on behalf of persons with severe mental illness who have been languishing in Alabama county jails awaiting court-ordered mental health services known as competency restoration treatment.

September 30, 2016 Criminal Justice

Allen v. English, et al.

We represented Yvonne Allen, a devout Christian woman who covers her hair with a headscarf as part of her religious practice and who was forced to remove her head covering to renew her driver's license.

August 30, 2016 First Amendment Rights

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