Fill out the legal intake form online, or mail your inquiries to:

Legal Committee
ACLU of Alabama
P.O. Box 6179
Montgomery, AL 36106-0179

There are many cases and problems of injustice which we are simply unable to handle. We receive many requests for assistance each month and cannot accept all of them due to lack of sufficient resources. We must select those which we believe will have the greatest impact on protecting civil liberties.


  • The ACLU of Alabama is not a general legal service and is unable to answer legal questions, review papers, conduct legal research, provide information about the legal deadlines that might apply to your situation or provide you with other kind of assistance unless we accept your case.
  • ALL requests for legal assistance or legal inquiries must be submitted by completing our complaint form.
  • We only accept complaints regarding civil liberties violations that occurred in Alabama. If you are seeking assistance for a problem that occurred in another state, please¬†refer to the national directory of ACLU offices.