Black Trans Futures

Black Trans Futures is an organizing and storytelling collaboration between the ACLU of Alabama and The Knights and Orchids Society. In a five-month paid training program Black and trans Alabamians develop community organizing and storytelling skills that combat the ani-trans rhetoric and legislation gaining ground in the legislature.

Celebration and Project Showcase

Our 2nd annual program with our 10 Black Trans Futures fellows concluded on February 24, 2024 at the Magic City Acceptance Center. Each fellow showcased a unique storytelling project encompassing the “Black Trans Futures” theme and their personal story. Check out the yearbook project below to learn more about them!

DaQuon holding a Pride Flag


What Happens In The Program? 

With year two of Black Trans Futures, we are witnessing ten trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming Black Alabamians connecting and building a better future. During this five-month program, they've been: developing relationships with Alabama organizers, learning about the history of Black queer individuals, practicing self-care techniques to protect well-being, becoming informed about legislation and issues relevant to the trans community, and developing a personal narrative that will culminate in a final zine highlighting their experiences.

Meet the class of 2024

We asked each of our 2024 Black Trans Futures fellows this question: "What do you envision or hope for the future of Black trans, nonbinary, and/or gender-non-conforming individuals in Alabama, including yourself?"

Ai Star
Ai Star

"I hope for freedom. I long for a day when we dance in the streets without fear or even hesitation. I dream of black trans elders with wrinkles and grey hairs and contorted tattoos on sagging skin whose lives have never been threatened for the crime of existing. I picture all my siblings housed and fed and happy with pictures on the walls of their chosen family. I envision trans children who know nothing of gender roles and who wear and play with whatever they please raised by a village overflowing with love. I never want to hear another politician defame us to please the masses again. I wish for the war on trans identities to be over."

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