Who We Are

We Keep Us Safe is a collaboration between the ACLU of Alabama and Southerners on New Ground Montgomery (SONG MGM) in response to police violence and the demands of the Summer 2020 uprisings.  

SONG MGM is a crew formation of the larger regional organization of SONG. SONG and SONG MGM are fighting for LGBTQ liberation across all lines of race, class, abilities, age, culture, gender, and sexuality in the South.  

Through this collaboration, ACLU of Alabama and SONG MGM work towards exploring, understanding, and addressing Montgomery’s public safety needs outside of increased reliance on policing.

Get Involved

Both the ACLU of Alabama and SONG MGM are committed to the demand for municipal government to divest from police and reallocate funds to quality-of-life expenditures (such as parks, libraries and sanitation) that ensure authentic public safety.

We invite all Montgomery youth, families, working class people and communities of color to define what #SafetyIs and explore alternatives to police that authentically address Montgomery’s public safety needs.

To learn more about the We Keep Us Safe campaign, please contact the campaign coordinator, Stef Bernal-Martinez: [email protected]