Werk The Lege Community Teach-In

February 3, 2024 @ 10:00 am

On Saturday, February 3, the ACLU of Alabama is hosting our annual Werk The Lege community teach-in at The Sanctuary in Montgomery, Alabama. All attendees will have an opportunity to learn with and from fellow organizers, advocates, and everyday Alabamians who want to engage with the Alabama legislative process. Register now
We encourage anyone who wants to learn about Alabama's legislature to sign up. No background in organizing is required. Food and refreshments will be served. If you need any accommodations, please email our Organizing Director, Stef Bernal-Martinez, [email protected]

Over the past years, Werk The Lege has trained and grown a community of passionate advocates committed to demanding meaningful and progressive policy decisions from our state lawmakers. We deserve to have elected officials who champion legislation that aims to improve the lives of all Alabama residents. And we believe that any person has the power to call for this.

Be Part of the Change!

See some pictures of our 2023 Teach-In. This is the place to meet Alabamians from all over the state who care about the future and hold lawmakers accountable.

Meet People From Across the State

These are all the folks that attended our 2023 Teach-In - from Montgomery to Mobile to Huntsville. 

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