Background: Senate Bill 57 prohibits protestors from organizing at or near a residence. A “residence” is vaguely defined in the bill as any building that someone uses to live in. The Governor’s mansion, for instance, would likely fall under the requirements for residences. Organizers could even be barred from protesting when they choose to organize in proximity to apartments or other residential areas. SB57 would also permit municipalities to author and pass ordinances that limit the time or noise level of a protest that occurs in a residential area. 

Our Position: The ACLU of Alabama is committed to protecting First Amendment rights. That includes defending the right to protest for individuals across the state of Alabama. Senate Bill 57 attempts to exempt public officials from hearing the grievances of Alabamians, often expressed through protest when constituents are unable to inspire action in the Statehouse. If SB 57 passes, it would add limitations on where protesters can organize and would violate the First Amendment rights of Alabamians.  


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