We're only halfway through the 2022 Legislative Session, but lawmakers are in a hurry to attack our constitutional rights and promote government overreach in limiting healthcare options for Alabamians, just to pander to their base ahead of primaries in May.

This week alone, we saw multiple high-priority bills progress in the Statehouse. Here's an overview of the most alarming ones that we're tracking, along with what you can do to help stop these bills from passing.

Remind the Alabama Senate that Protest is Patriotic

Protesting has been an important and key part of this nation's history, particularly here in Alabama. But as protesting has increased in the past years, first with President Trump's election and more recently after George Floyd's murder in 2020, lawmakers are now trying to pass a bill that would allow for the indiscriminate arrest and mandatory minimum holding period for anyone who is even suspected of endangering property during a protest, regardless of whether any damage is done.

This bill, House Bill 2, passed in the House this week on Tuesday, February 22. At this point, we don't know when it could come up in the Senate Judiciary Committee, but it could be as early as next Wednesday, March 2.

Now is our chance to let Senate Judiciary Committee members hear our opposition loud and clear.


Protect Trans Kids

The day after the Legislature passed the previously mentioned anti-protest bill, a bill that would ban healthcare access for transgender youth passed out of the Senate on February 23.

Everyone should be able to consult with trained medical professionals and access evidence-based medical and mental health treatment under their guidance. Parents and guardians should also have a right to make decisions about their child's healthcare. This is no different for transgender people, and they have a constitutional right to access necessary healthcare, just like everyone else.

Meanwhile, House Bill 266, a companion version of Senate Bill 184, was also heard in the House Judiciary Committee on the same day. It will be voted on at the next committee meeting on March 2.

Make sure House Judiciary Committee members hear from you before they vote on Wednesday.


Taking action today can make a difference.

Thank you for your support.