Congratulations to Dillon Nettles and JaTaune Bosby Gilchrist for joining 100 changemakers in this leadership program.

Of 100 selected leaders in the United States, the Obama Foundation has selected TWO of our ACLU of Alabama staff for their inaugural leaders USA program. Our Executive Director, JaTaune Bosby Gilchrist and Policy and Advocacy Director, Dillon Nettles. Please congratulate them both on this accomplishment. We are incredibly proud of the groundbreaking work they continue doing for the state of Alabama and the country.

In President Obama's announcement, he mentions JaTaune Bosby Gilchrist stating: “From an oncology resident championing health equity for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, to passionate union organizers advocating for the labor rights of educators and first responders nationwide, to the first Black woman executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama—their ideas and leadership will help strengthen democracy now and in the future. These leaders give me hope, and they deserve our support.”

In reaction to this honor, JaTaune Bosby Gilchrist states: “Many of the leaders taking part in the Obama Foundation’s Inaugural Leaders USA Program are based in the Deep South where organizing, policy, and community-centered work is so critical. Our mission is larger than the individual organizations we represent. It’s a reminder that our work is intersectional and that we're part of a catalyst that can shift this nation.”

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