Hoover Police shot Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., an African American male, stating he was an active shooter in the Galleria Mall. Just hours later they admitted to mistakenly identifying him. (via AL.com)

We offer our condolences to Bradford's family and friends. Black and brown people shouldn’t have to live in constant fear of law enforcement officials who are charged with protecting the public. Implicit bias is entrenched in police practices that are inherently racist and that culture must change.

The ACLU of Alabama expects the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the Hoover Police Department to conduct transparent, unbiased investigations into this tragic death. Accountability of law enforcement agents to the public is critical given their absolute authority to use lethal force in some circumstances. It is crucial that those entrusted with that level of authority be committed to using it sparingly, equitably, legally, and in a racially unbiased way.

Correction: Previous version of this release stated Bradford was an active duty Army officer. He was not currently listed, but had been honorably discharged (via Washington Post).