Today, the Senate passed several bills that would approve construction of three new mega prisons, use of COVID relief money to pay for some of it, and a mandatory supervised release bill. With these bills passing, they now head to the Governor's desk.

JaTaune Bosby, executive director, said:

"The actions of the Alabama Legislature this week have been disappointing, and reflective of how removed many of our elected officials are from the problems of our state. Members of both parties voted in favor of using COVID relief money and sinking the state into billion dollars of debt to build prisons, while voting against even the smallest of reforms to the sentencing laws that have contributed to this crisis, which is nothing short of outrageous. It is now on every Alabamian to speak up, show up, and make sure your representatives are held accountable, especially when they come up for election in 2022. The future of our state depends on it."