MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- This past Monday, an Alabama elected official was recorded using a racial slur in a public city council meeting. Tarrant Councilman John “Tommy” Bryant used the slur while pointing at a Black councilwoman.

JaTaune Bosby, executive director said:

“The behavior and actions of Tarrant Councilman John “Tommy” Bryant this week are abhorrent. They reflect a not far off past for Alabama, where city and state leaders had the license to publicly use racial slurs without consequence. It is past time that racism — both blatant and covert — be rooted out in our state, especially when it stems from elected officials. These bigoted beliefs influence how our laws and policies are written, which further harms Black, brown and other marginalized communities.

We condemn Councilman Bryant's defiant use of a racial slur and call for other Alabama leaders to do so as well."