Montgomery, Ala. – As a voter in Alabama, it can be enough of a challenge to know when an upcoming election is and where and how to cast a ballot, but it can be even harder to know who is on the ballot, particularly when many local candidates do not have easy-to-find websites, do not have regular public events, or are running unopposed.

In fact, there are 17 seats in the Alabama Senate and 52 seats in the Alabama House that are uncontested this year. That’s an increase from 16 in the Senate and a decrease from 64 in the House since 2014, the last time the legislature was up for election.

To that end, the ACLU of Alabama is releasing a new voter guide to provide this resource to Alabama voters. There is no endorsement or opposition to any candidate, but it provides a starting point so that voters have the tools they need to be informed when they go to vote on November 6.

The guide includes the following:

●      A brief description of the job duties for each elected position.

●      The names of the candidates running for each position, with links to their campaign website or social media if available.

●      Suggestions for how a voter can research the candidates on their own.

●      A list of upcoming candidate forums and debates, which will be updated through November.

Voting in the 2018 Midterms: What You Need to Know →

“Being a voter means more than bubbling in a ballot one day a year. It is a commitment we make to our communities and our democracy to elect individuals committed to the same principles we hold dear, and to hold those individuals accountable through our actions and our votes,” said Randall Marshall, Executive Director of ACLU of Alabama.

“When you show up to vote on November 6, we want you to not only know who you’re voting for but also to know why you are voting for them. At the end of Election Day, we hope all Alabamians voted for candidates and issues they care about.”

The ACLU of Alabama will be presenting this material at local community events to be held around the state to further this goal of educating voters on their candidates and their voting rights. Details will be announced soon.