In 2022, Alabama lawmakers have filed an anti-abortion bill that mirrors the legislation that most recently passed in Texas. We are facing a truly unprecedented moment for abortion access and reproductive rights. The Supreme Court has turned its back on Texans repeatedly, allowing politicians to strip the right to abortion away from millions of people and this bill would do the same in our state. Today, there is no abortion care available in Texas after six weeks of pregnancy and Alabama could quickly follow suit.

House Bill 295 would not only ban abortion at 6 weeks, but it would also deputize private citizens to enforce this ban and collect a bounty if they’re successful, paid for by the person who is sued. 

Our Position

The majority of Texans, Alabamians, and Americans broadly, support the right to access abortion, but that doesn’t matter to the lawmakers who want to pass these laws. What we’re seeing is a hostile minority forcing their values and policies upon patients who are trying to access the basic health care they need.  

On behalf of the tens of thousands of Alabamians we represent, we oppose this legislation on the strongest of terms and encourage the Legislature to avoid once again passing unconstitutional legislation that would be met with a costly challenge in court. 

Take Action

Send a message to your representatives and ask them to protect our abortion rights by voting NO on HB 295!

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Page last revised: February 22, 2022