This bill would require the Alabama Department of Corrections to make quarterly reports to the Joint Legislative Prison Oversight Committee and establish those reporting requirements. This bill would also revise Alabama correctional officers' oath of office.

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We support this bill.


On February 2, HB 106 was read and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. On February 4, it passed out of committee and was sent to the Alabama House. On February 9, it passed out of the Alabama House with a 101-0 vote count. It was sent to the Alabama Senate where it was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. On May 6, it passed out of committee and was sent to the Senate floor. On May 17, HB 106 passed out of the Alabama Senate with a 31-0 vote count. It has been sent to Governor Kay Ivey, who can choose to either sign the bill into law or veto it.

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