The 2021 Alabama Legislative Session convened on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. This homepage will be regularly updated throughout the session as bills progress through the Alabama Legislature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bills of Note


  • HB 1 / SB 10 - Denies gender-affirming medical care by a physician and criminalizes such care from providers
  • HB 285 / SB 235 - Bans curbside voting
  • HB 391 - Prohibits transgender youth from participating in Alabama public school sports
  • HB 445 - Enhances penalties for "riots" and prevent municipalities from reducing local police department budgets


  • HB 24 - Allows resentencing for individuals convicted of nonviolent offenses
  • HB 107 - Repeals the Habitual Felony Offender Act
  • HB 226 / SB 153 - Expands the expungement of certain offenses
  • HB 385 / SB 196 - Revises sex education curriculums for Alabama public K-12 schools
  • HB 396 - Authorizes absentee voting without requiring an excuse 

Legislative Updates

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