These companion bills would ban curbside voting in Alabama by prohibiting the operation of any voting machine except on the inside of an enclosed building designated as a voting place and by prohibiting an election official or poll worker from taking any ballot into or out of a voting place, except in the performance of as part of established election procedures for transporting ballots.


On February 2, HB 285 was read and assigned to the House Constitution, Campaigns and Elections Committee. On March 3, it passed out of committee and was sent to the Alabama House. On March 18, HB 285 passed out the Alabama House with a 74-25-1 vote count. It has been sent to the Alabama Senate, and on April 6, it passed out of Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. It is now pending floor action.

Meanwhile, on February 23, SB 235 was read and assigned to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. On March 2, it passed out of committee. It has been sent to the Alabama Senate where it is now pending floor action.


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Page last revised: April 6, 2021