Background: House Bill 401, if passed, would define drag shows as “sexual conduct”. By doing this, the bill would prevent drag shows from taking place in public or where minors are present. HB401 would effectively ban drag shows and limit them to occurring in clandestine spaces. For businesses across the state that have public drag shows and allow minors into their premises, this bill will cause significant concern. 

Our Position: We oppose HB401. This bill is an attempt to censor LGBTQ experiences from the public. The attempt of legislators to censor performers based on their personal viewpoints is contradictory to our first amendment rights. The ACLU of Alabama wants to protect our first amendment right to express ourselves. Drag performances are part of that expression and should not be censored by the state based on subjective viewpoints on whether or not they are appropriate. 


Rep. Arnold Mooney

Bill number

HB 401