These companion bills would criminalize medical professionals who provide gender-affirming healthcare to transgender youth, require school personnel to out transgender children to their parent(s) or guardian(s), and strip away parents’ or guardians' rights to make decisions, under guidance from trained medical professionals, that are in the best interest of their children.


On February 2, HB 1 was read and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. On February 24, it passed out of committee with one amendment. It has been sent to the Alabama House where it is now pending floor action.

On February 2, SB 10 was read and assigned to the Senate Healthcare Committee. It passed out of committee and was sent to the Alabama Senate. On March 2, it passed out of the Alabama Senate with a 23-4 vote count. It was sent to the Alabama House and assigned to the House Health Committee. On March 16, it passed out of committee and is now pending floor action. 

If either of these unconstitutional bills pass and is signed by the governor, it could represent another costly lawsuit for Alabama.

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