This bill would provide that recordings made by law enforcement agencies are not public records, and would establish a procedure to determine whether, to whom, and what portions of a recording may be disclosed or a copy released. 

The bill was pre-filed on February 14, 2019 and assigned to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee. 

ACLU of Alabama Comment

"Officer-worn body cameras have been implemented in law enforcement agencies across the nation to provide us with video evidence and information about police interactions with the public. HB36 would determine such footage is not public record and narrowly defines who can request it. While we believe that the availability of body camera footage should balance public safety and privacy concerns, there are situations when it is in the interest of the public to have access to such footage."


  • 2/21/19 - Alabama legislator wants families, public to gain access to police body cam footage [WHNT]

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