The 2019 Alabama Legislative Session convened on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. Read more about Following the 2019 Legislative Session.

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Bills of Note


  • HB96/SB98 - Reclassifies marijuana possession from a class D felony to a fine
  • HB266/SB21 - Requires data collection for police transparency
  • SB16 - Prohibits driver's license suspensions for indigent defendants
  • SB31 - Allows for transfer to diversion programs
  • SB140 - Updates sex education language 


  • HB3/HB14 - Requires drug testing for SNAP and TANF recipients
  • HB36 - Limits release of police body cam footage
  • HB56/SB22 - Allows Alabamians to divert state tax refunds to the "Build the Wall" organization
  • HB314/SB211 - Criminalizes abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest
  • SB14/HB62 - Allows for Bible classes in public schools

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