Background: House Bill 44 would set new rules for the Alabama Department of Corrections when notifying emergency contacts of people that are incarcerated. In the event of the death of a person that is incarcerated, the Department would be required to notify their emergency contact within 24 hours. The Department would also be required to provide information of the circumstances surrounding the death and whether an investigation is being conducted. In the event of a serious medical condition, a detained person’s emergency contact must be notified as soon as possible and given information about their condition, necessary procedures, and contact of their medical provider. This bill would also ensure that within 48 hours of entering custody, a detained person would be able to provide their designated emergency contact, and medical directives like a medical power of attorney or do-not-resuscitate order. 

Our Position: We support House Bill 44. This bill will ensure that those incarcerated can receive some of the basic treatment expected during medical emergencies. This bill will allow the Alabama Department of Corrections to provide medical care consistent with the wishes of the incarcerated. We believe that regardless of incarceration status, an individual deserves the dignity of deciding how they are cared for. Beyond that, we believe this bill allows families and those close to people that are detained to receive important information about the health of their loved ones without having to navigate a difficult process with the Department. 


Rep. Chris England





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