Background: Senate Bill 174 will require notification to be given to an individual that has their right to vote restored. After conviction in state or federal court, some individuals will lose their right to vote. That right, however, can be restored if an individual meets certain requirements. If passed, this bill will ensure notification to those that meet the requirements and have restoration of their right. 

Our Position: We support Senate Bill 174. Voter disenfranchisement of people convicted of felony offenses prevents a true restoration of rights after reentry into society. An individual that serves time shouldn’t be subjected to the perpetual punishment of losing such a fundamental right of being a citizen. SB174 allows those that can achieve the feat of getting that right restored to be notified. Many people that have this right restored may not know that it was restored. This prevents people convicted of felonies from going to the polls, regardless of the desire to do so. This existing process continues a cycle of voter exclusion even when a person meets the legal requirements to vote. 


Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison





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