This bill would require abortion providers to inform women of their right to withdraw consent at any point; that if consent is withdrawn at any point before the abortion is performed, the procedure must be immediately stopped; and that a full refund must be issued if the abortion is not performed. Abortion providers failing to comply with these provisions would be subject to penalties of $10,000 or more. 

We are concerned that this bill adds yet another requirement on clinics and another way for the government to control what clinics may say. It is a way to lose clinics money by forcing them to give a full refund even if the patient has already received some services. (Clinics usually do partial refunds if the patient has been seen for some services but then chooses not to get an abortion.) It also suggests that someone can stop an abortion at any time before the abortion is complete, which raises medical issues if the procedure is already underway. Lastly, the bill has decidely pro-life language, such as referring to an "unborn child" versus fetus. 

It was carried over again in committee last week, and new language was added. It was scheduled in the Health committee for Wednesday, January 31, 2018 but without a public hearing. It received a favorable report, but was not read on the House floor. 

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