The 2018 Alabama Legislative Session convened on Tuesday, January 9. Check back here for updates on bills, upcoming events, and other information during legislative session.

If you are interested in receiving periodic emails to let you know what's happening and if there are urgent action alerts on bills, please email to be added to the list. 

For more information about how to get involved with your local representatives, please refer to the following frequently asked questions:

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Bills of Note


  • SB31 - Municipal Bail
  • SB84 - Racial Profiling
  • SB117 - Same Day Voter Registration
  • SB198 - Ban the Box
  • SB213/HB287 - Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • SB251/HB272 - Decriminalization of Marijuana Possession
  • SB269 - Youth Protection Act


  • HB52 - Abortion Consent
  • HB94 - Protester Felony
  • HB258 - Creationism in Schools
  • SB39 - Fentanyl Trafficking
  • SB181 - Ten Commandments


  • SB13 - Marriage Licenses

Legislative Updates

Upcoming Events

Navigate the Alabama Legislature Website

Check the ALISON Database frequently, as bills are filed throughout session. On ALISON, you can search for a bill by committee, sponsor, status, subject, or keyword. 

Check the committee meeting calendar frequently, as it is updated regularly and sometimes suddenly. Committee meetings are always open to the public, but you are not allowed to speak unless there is a public hearing. The agenda will show whether there is a public hearing scheduled for a particular bill. Some meetings will have audio and/or video available through the website so you can listen from home. 

To request a public hearing, you must contact the committee clerk before the bill is scheduled on the committee's calendar. To find the clerk's contact information, scroll to the bottom of the page for the committee that the bill has been assigned to. PLEASE NOTE: If you request a public hearing, you MUST be in attendance or the committee may cancel the hearing. 

Not sure who your legislator is? Find your elected representatives in Alabama.

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