House Bill 194 would make it a crime for local voter education organizations to provide funds for programming or collaborating with their local election offices on any type of outreach.

This could include nonprofits providing trainings on the Voting Rights Act for probate judges, churches partnering with the city or county election officials on get-out-the-vote efforts, or fraternities and sororities working with local election officials to get people to the polls on Election Day.

Our Position

We oppose this bill. Many nongovernmental organizations and nonprofits work with their local probate judges to ensure that our elections are secure, efficient, and accessible. At a time when our organizing efforts are becoming stronger and more local, lawmakers now are seeking to suppress not just access to the ballot, but to criminalize the critical work that organizers do to help voters navigate complicated voting laws.

Take Action

Send a message to your Senator and insist they vote NO on voter suppression.

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Page last revised: March 10, 2022