We have not had a legislative update since Week 8, but now that session is winding down, we expect to see more last minute movement on bills; however, bills that are still in committee in the originating chamber are unlikely to pass at this point.

-SB84, (Racial Profiling): This bill, which has already been passed by the Senate, has been approved by the House Judiciary committee, and is now on the House floor. However, there is some opposition from law enforcement because of the increased paperwork it would cause. We need you to contact your legislators and ask them to support this bill so that we can get better data on racial profiling in Alabama, learn how to better fight the problem, and eventually end racial profiling for good.

-SB148/ HB225, (Youth Justice Reform): This bill has been amended to expand direct file, contrary to the initial intention of the reform and recommendations of the Juvenile Justice Task Force created last year. Yesterday, March 15, 2018, the bill passed the House and it now moves to the Senate. We strongly urge you to call against this bill in its current form. For more information, refer to the Alabama Youth Justice Coalition’s action alert.

-SB31 (Bail Reform): This bill requires municipal judges to release low-level offenders, but it seems to have hit a roadblock. Opposing sides have yet to find a compromise, so the bill will receive no further action this session.