We did not send an update for week 6-7, but we continue to post news on our social media accounts and website.

-SB148/ HB225 (Youth Justice Reform): This bill would make some provisions to the juvenile justice system to include the creation of a Juvenile Justice Task Force and Justice Reinvestment Fund. It has been read for the first time, and assigned to the Judiciary Committee. A Joint hearing is scheduled for February 27, at 10:00 am, in the House Chamber.

-SB269 (Youth Protection Act): This bill would update the language of the state's sex education law by deleting the section that describes homosexuality as an unacceptable lifestyle and illegal, as well as modifying medically inaccurate information. The Senate Education Policy Committee voted favorably to remove the phrasing, and it has now moved to the full Alabama Senate for a vote.

-SB251/HB272 (Reclassification of Marijuana Possession): These bills are another attempt to reclassify marijuana possession, which would change possession of an ounce or less from misdemeanor to a violation resulting in a fine. On Wednesday, February 21, the House Judiciary Committee voted 7-5 against the bill introduced by representative Todd; however, a similar bill by Senator Brewbaker was approved 6-4 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This means the House bill is dead, and it is unlikely the Senate bill will progress.

Next week:

Tomorrow, February 28, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will be hosting an Equality Lobby Day at the Statehouse to provide an opportunity for Alabama voters to meet with lawmakers and tell them why LGBTQ equality matters. To register for this event, go here.