Your Abortions. Your Voices. Your Stories.

People who have had abortions share how abortion access changed their lives for the better.

Everyone deserves the right to decide when and whether to start a family, no matter where they live. But since the Supreme Court’s shameful decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, 13 states have banned abortion from the earliest stages of pregnancy.

To demonstrate what’s at stake, we called for stories from people who have had abortions — people of all genders, ages, faiths, and socioeconomic backgrounds — to tell us why abortion should be a fundamental right.

Abortion is Essential

Forcing women and other people to carry a pregnancy against their will has life-altering consequences, including enduring serious health risks from continued pregnancy and childbirth, making it harder to escape poverty, and derailing their education and career plans. These are just some of the factors that may impact a person’s decision to seek an abortion, and why abortion access is essential.

Abortion is Liberating

Abortion access allows us to make decisions about our own health, decide if and when to have a child, and pursue the education and career of our dreams. For many, abortion is liberation, allowing for bodily autonomy and the ability to determine our own futures.

Abortion is Health Care

Pregnancy and childbirth can pose serious health risks that can last a lifetime. For many, abortion access is a matter of life or death. Abortion is essential health care.

Abortion is Our Right

The ability to decide when and whether to have a child is a fundamental right. No matter where we live, how much money we make, or who we are, we should all be able to control our own bodies, and make the best medical decisions for our lives and families.

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