The 2018 Midterm Election is Alabama's next chance to vote. This statewide election will determine seats for local, state, and federal positions. Read more about Voting in the 2018 Midterms: What You Need to Know

This guide provides a description of the elected positions in Alabama, as well as some links to candidates who are running for those positions. It is not intended to assess any candidate's fitness for a position, nor does it recommend any candidate over another candidate. We encourage all voters to research their own candidates to decide who they want to vote for. Here are suggestions on how to learn more about the candidates:

  • Follow them online. Go to their campaign website, sign up for their emails, and like their pages on social media. 
  • Go to events. Attend candidate forums, debates, and other campaign events where they are speaking. Come prepared with your questions. 
  • Read the news. Many local news outlets, such as Alabama Political Reporter,, Montgomery Advertiser, and others publish more detailed candidate profiles in the weeks leading up to an election. While some sources may be more or less reliable than others, reading a variety of sources can provide a good overview of a candidate and their history of public service. 

Alabama Senate

While both legislative bodies pass bills on public policy matters, set levels for state spending, raise or lower taxes, the Senate has the sole power of confirmation of certain appointees. They are also the deliberative body and able to have lengthier debates. To find out which district you are in, visit

District 1: Caroline Self (D), Tim Melson (R)

District 2: Amy Wasyluka (D), Tom Butler (R)

District 3: Arthur Orr (R)*

District 4: Garlan Gudger (R)*

District 5: Greg Reed (R)*

District 6: Johnny Mack Morrow (D), Larry Stutts (R)

District 7: Deborah Barros (D), Sam Givhan (R)

District 8: Steve Livingston (R)*

District 9: Clay Scofield (R)*

District 10: Andrew Jones (R), Craig Ford (I)

District 11: Carl Carter (D), Jim McClendon (R)

District 12: Jim Williams (D), Del Marsh (R)

District 13: Darrell Turner (D), Randy Price (R)

District 14: Jerry McDonald (D), Cam Ward (R)

District 15: Dan Roberts (R)*

District 16: Lindsey Deckard (D), J.T. Waggoner (R)

District 17: Shay Shelnutt (R)*

District 18: Rodger Smitherman (D)*

District 19: Priscilla Dunn (D)*

District 20: Linda Coleman-Madison (D)*

District 21: Rick Burnham (D), Gerald Allen (R)

District 22: Greg Albritton (R)*

District 23: Malika Sanders-Fortier (D), Mark Story (I), J. Cooper Holmes (I)

District 24: Bobby Singleton (D)*

District 25: David Sadler (D), Will Barfoot (R)

District 26: David Burkette (D), D.J. Johnson (R)

District 27: Nancy Carlton Bendinger (D), Tom Whatley (R)

District 28: Billy Beasley (D)*

District 29: Donnie Chesteen (R)*

District 30: Clyde Chambliss Jr. (R)*

District 31: Jimmy Holley (R)*

District 32: Jason Fisher (D), Chris Elliot (R)

District 33: Vivian Figures (D)*

District 34: Jack Williams (R)*

District 35: Tom Holmes (D), David Sessions (R)

* - winner, uncontested

Alabama House of Representatives

While both legislative bodies pass bills on public policy matters, set levels for state spending, raise or lower taxes, the House is the only chamber that can originate revenue bills. They are also able to override a gubernatorial veto with a simple majority. To find out which district you are in, visit

District 1: Phillip Pettus (R), Bobby James Dolan III (I)

District 2: Lora Kay Morrow (D), Lynn Greer (R)

District 3: Chad Young (D), Andrew Sorrell (R)

District 4: Juanita Allen Healy (D), Parker Moore (R), Polan Willis Jr. (I)

District 5: Brian Williams (D), Danny Crawford (R)

District 6: Andy Whitt (R)*

District 7: Kenneth Brackins (D), Proncey Robertson (R)

District 8: Billy Jackson (D), Terri Collins (R)

District 9: Terrie Jones Savage (D), Scott Stadthagen (R)

District 10: J.B. King (D), Mike Ball (R), Elijah Boyd (L)

District 11: Randall Shedd (R)*

District 12: Corey Harbison (R)*

District 13: Connie Cooner Rowe (R)*

District 14: Tim Wadsworth (R)*

District 15: Suzanna Coleman (D), Allen Farley (R)

District 16: Kyle South (R)*

District 17: Tracy Estes (R)*

District 18: Eddie Britton (D), Jamie Kiel (R)

District 19: Laura Hall (D)*

District 20: Linda Meigs (D), Howard Sanderford (R)

District 21: C. Terry Jones (D), Rex Reynolds (R)

District 22: Ritchie Whorton (R)*

District 23: James Hanes, Jr. (R)*

District 24: Nathaniel Ledbetter (R)*

District 25: Mac McCutcheon (R)*

District 26: Kerry Rich (R)*

District 27: Bill Jones (D), Wes Kitchens (R)

District 28: Kyle Pierce (D), Gil Isbell (R)

District 29: Jared Millican (D), Becky Nordgren (R)

District 30: Jared Vaughn (D), B. Craig Lipscomb (R)

District 31: Mike Holmes (R)*

District 32: Barbara Boyd (D), James Lloyd (R)

District 33: Scott Brewer (D), Ron Johnson (R)

District 34: David Standridge (R)*

District 35: Steve Hurst (R)*

District 36: Nicki Arnold-Swindle (D), Randy Wood (R)

District 37: Chalotte Clark-Frieson (D), Bob Fincher (R)

District 38: Brian McGee (D), Todd Rauch (R)

District 39: Ginny Shaver (R)*

District 40: Pamela Howard (D), K.L. Brown (R)

District 41: Emily Marcum (D), Corley Ellis (R)

District 42: James Martin (R)*

District 43: Carin Mayo (D), Arnold Mooney (R)

District 44: Danny Garrett (R)*

District 45: Jenn Gray (D), Dickie Drake (R)

District 46: Felicia Stewart (D), David Faulkner (R)

District 47: Jim Toomey (D), David Wheeler (R)

District 48: Alli Summerford (D), Jim Carns (R)

District 49: April Weaver (R)*

District 50: Jim Hill (R)*

District 51: Veronica Johnson (D), Allen Treadaway (R)

District 52: John Rogers (D)*

District 53: Anthony Daniels (D)*

District 54: Neil Rafferty (D), Joseph Capser Baker III (I)

District 55: Rod Scott (D)*

District 56: Louise Alexander (D)*

District 57: Merika Coleman (D)*

District 58: Rolanda Hollis (D)*

District 59: Mary Moore (D)*

District 60: Juandalynn Givan (D)*

District 61: Tommy Hyche (D), Rodney Sullivan (R)

District 62: Will Benton (D), Rich Wingo (R)

District 63: Bill Poole (R)*

District 64: Amber Selman-Lynn (D), Harry Shiver (R)

District 65: Elaine Beech (D), Brett Easterbrook (R)

District 66: Susan Smith (D), Alan Baker (R)

District 67: Prince Chestnut (D)*

District 68: Thomas Jackson (D)*

District 69: Kelvin Lawrence (D)*

District 70: Christopher J. England (D)*

District 71: Artis J. McCampbell (D)*

District 72: Ralph Anthony Howard (D)*

District 73: Jack Jacobs (D), Matt Fridy (R)

District 74: Rayford Mack (D), Dimitri Polizos (R)

District 75: Reed Ingram (R)*

District 76: Thad McClammy (D)*

District 77: TaShina Morris (D)*

District 78: Kirk Hatcher (D), Tijuanna Adetunji (I)

District 79: Mary Wynne Kling (D), Joe Lovvorn (R)

District 80: Judy LaRue (D), Chris Blackshear (R)

District 81: Jeremy Jeffcoat (D), Ed Oliver (R)

District 82: Pebblin Warren (D)*

District 83: Jeremy Gray (D), Michael Holden (R)

District 84: Berry Forte (D)*

District 85: Dexter Grimsley (D), J. Ron Wilson (R)

District 86: Kristy Kirkland (D), Paul Lee (R)

District 87: Jeff Sorrells (R)*

District 88: Cory Creel (D), Will Dismukes (R)

District 89: Joel Lee Williams (D), Wes Allen (R)

District 90: Joanne Whetstone (D), Chris Sells (R)

District 91: Rhett Marques (R)*

District 92: Mike Jones, Jr. (R)*

District 93: Steve Clouse (R)*

District 94: Danielle Mashburn-Myrick (D), Joe Faust (R)

District 95: Steve McMillan (R)*

District 96: Maurice Horsey (D), Matt Simpson (R), Matt Shelby (L)

District 97: Adline C. Clarke (D), Stephen McNair (R)

District 98: Napoleon Bracy Jr. (D)*

District 99: Sam Jones (D), Charles Talbert (R)

District 100: Victor Gaston (R)*

District 101: Chris Pringle (R)*

District 102: Shane Stringer (R)*

District 103: Barbara Drummond (D)*

District 104: Arlene Cunningham Easley (D), Margie Wilcox (R)

District 105: Chip Brown (R)*

* - winner, uncontested

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • October 22, 2018 - Voter registration deadline for general election

  • November 1, 2018 - Last day to apply for an absentee ballot for the general election

  • November 5, 2018 - Last day for voter to hand-deliver or postmark an absentee ballot

  • November 6, 2018 - Statewide General Election


We have also created resources to help inform Alabamians about voting in the 2018 midterms. 

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