February 6, 2014

CONTACT: Brooke Anderson, ACLU of Alabama, D: (334) 265-2754 ext. 205,

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Below is a statement from Susan Watson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, in response Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s letters to U.S. governors urging them to oppose marriage equality:

“Chief Justice Roy Moore said that government has become oppressive and this is yet another perfect example of his contributions to the matter.  His definition of marriage as "one man-one woman" is a religious one.  We support everyone’s rights to have their own religious beliefs, but he is chronically imposing his beliefs on others.

This isn’t the first time Justice Moore has been in this spotlight. You’d think he’d learn by now.

Times are changing and he needs to get with it. People here think that marriage equality in Alabama will never happen. But I think it will.”


For additional information, please contact:
Brooke Anderson, Communications Manager, Direct (334) 265-2754 ext. 205