We are two weeks away from the General Election, and voters across the country are making history. 

Reports show that a record-breaking 27.9 million U.S. voters have voted early! In comparison to 2016, the nonpartisan U.S. Elections Project estimates that only 5.9 million people had voted by this point.

Alabama also broke its absentee voting record, with 145,574 ballots being returned as of this week! These state numbers are super exciting, but we know that we can push them even higher with your help.

We trust that you already have a plan to cast your ballot before Election Day. But have you taken your voter engagement a step further by checking to see if your family or friends do? 

We know that absentee voting will be the safest option for many voters this election cycle. That’s why it’s been our goal these past few months to make it as easy as possible for Alabama voters to cast an absentee ballot — because no one should have to choose between their health and their right to vote.

Now, we’re encouraging Alabama voters to request an absentee ballot, fill out and return their absentee ballot by mail or to their county’s absentee election manager, and help their family and friends to do the same. Our website provides a thorough guide to this entire process.

REMEMBER: In Alabama, the last day to apply to vote absentee is next Thursday on October 29. So we recommend reaching for your phone and going through your contacts today. Because by ensuring that your family or friends vote early, you can also ensure that they vote safely.

If anyone does happen to miss next week’s deadline though, be assured that they still have the option to vote in-person on Election Day. In-person voting still remains a vital part of this General Election.

For additional guidance leading up to November 3, follow us on Instagram. We’ve been sharing helpful graphic explainers that provide voter education on various topics, and we have more lined up over the next two weeks!