We did not send an update for week 4, but we continue to post news on our social media accounts and website.

-SB39 (Fentanyl Trafficking): This bill was heavily amended on the Senate floor before passing that chamber: the weight threshold for sentencing was drastically reduced from . Now in the House, it was referred to the Health committee. This past Wednesday, the Health committee held a public hearing on the bill: three proponents and three opponents spoke about this bill. The Health committee elected to weigh the information presented in the public hearing and therefore did not vote to send it to the House floor.

-HB52 (Abortion Consent and Refund): Up for the third time in the House health committee, this time it was voted out of the committee and will be headed to the House floor for a vote. If it passes there, it will be sent to the Senate.

-HB144 (Ten Commandments): This bill passed out of the Constitution, Campaigns, and Elections committee. Our Executive Director sent a letter to all of the committee members, as well as the sponsor of the bill, detailing our concerns about the constitutionality of this bill. It will be debated on the House floor shortly.

Next week:

-SB269 (AL Youth Protection Act): This bill will update the current requirements for teaching sex ed to students, including taking out the provision that requires schools to teach that homosexuality "is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and that homosexual conduct is a criminal offense under the laws of the state." (It's not.) It will also update some seriously outdated language in the bill, such as confusing HIV and AIDS and referring to sexually transmitted diseases versus sexually transmitted infections. This bill does not have a public hearing, but will be up for a committee hearing on Wednesday in the Education committee.

On Thursday, February 15, the Alabama Youth Justice Coalition will be hosting a Lobby Day to discuss SB148/HB225, a juvenile justice reform bill. To register for this event, complete this form.