MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama lawmakers are following a dangerous national trend that targets transgender youth, putting their academic success and health in danger.

House Bill 303 would make it a felony for a medical professional to follow best practices and provide necessary treatment to a transgender young person. House Bill 35 bans the participation of transgender students in sports.

“Transgender girls are girls, and transgender boys are boys. Alabama lawmakers are considering legislation that runs counter to medical science, prevailing standards for the treatment of transgender youth and basic human dignity,” said Dillon Nettles, policy analyst at the ACLU of Alabama. “The government shouldn’t threaten medical providers with jail for treating transgender kids and schools shouldn’t discriminate against them when it comes to participation in school sports. HB303 and HB35 are dangerous, discriminatory and put kids at risk.”

Research shows that transgender you have the best outcomes when they are affirmed in their gender identity through supportive families, medical providers and communities. Denying appropriate and necessary medical care to transgender youth can be life-threatening and has been shown to contribute to depression, social isolation, risk of self-harm and more.

In addition, students who have an opportunity to participate in sports report better grades, improved homework completion, higher educational and occupational aspirations and improved self-esteem.

Advocates for women and girls in sports such as the National Women’s Law Center, the Women’s Sports Foundation, Women Leaders in College Sports, and others support trans-inclusive policies and oppose efforts to exclude transgender students from participating in sports.