This bill would prohibit transgender youth from participating in Alabama public school sports and prohibit Alabama public schools from participating in, sponsoring, or providing coaching staff for sporting events that allow transgender youth to participate.


On February 10, HB 391 was read and assigned to the House Education Policy Committee. It passed out of committee and was sent to the Alabama House. On March 18, HB 391 passed out the Alabama House with a 73-19-2 vote count. It was then sent to the Alabama Senate where it was assigned to the Senate Education Policy Committee, and it received a favorable report on April 1. On April 20, HB 391 passed out the Alabama Senate with a 25-5 vote count. It was sent to Governor Kay Ivey, who had the choice to either sign the bill into law or veto it. On April 23, Gov. Ivey signed HB 391.


  • 4/24/21 - Alabama is latest state to ban trans girls from female sports teams [The Guardian]
  • 4/24/21 - Alabama governor signs anti-trans sports bill [CNN]
  • 4/23/21 - Alabama Gov. Ivey signs ban on transgender athletes [AP News]
  • 4/23/21 - Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Anti-Trans Sports Bill into Law [Human Rights Campaign]
  • 3/18/21 - Alabama House votes to ban transgender athletes from public school sports [Montgomery Advertiser]
  • 1/15/21 - These States are Trying to Take Away Trans Rights in 2021 [Ms. Magazine]

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