House Bill 266 and Senate Bill 184 are companion bills that would criminalize providing gender-affirming healthcare to transgender youth, require school personnel to out transgender children to their parents or guardians, and strip away parents’ or guardians' rights to make decisions, under guidance from trained medical professionals, for the best interest of their children. 

HB 266 and SB 184 were submitted as substitute versions of House Bill 150 and Senate Bill 5. They include amendments added to the same bills during the 2021 Legislative Session

Our Position

We strongly oppose these bills because everyone should be able to consult with trained medical professionals and access evidence-based medical and mental health treatment under their guidance. Transgender people are no different and have the constitutional right to access necessary healthcare, just like everyone else.  

Restricting access to healthcare for transgender people is unconstitutional, plain and simple. If either of these bills pass and is signed by the governor, it could represent another costly lawsuit for the state. Lawmakers have enough real problems to address in Alabama that the last thing they should be wasting taxpayer money on is involving themselves in a medical issue that they have no expertise or training on. 

Take Action

Send a message to your representatives and ask them to vote NO on HB 266/SB 184!

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Page last revised: February 22, 2022